Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So What Wednesday

So I'm attempting to link to another blog that I read all the time for a weekly link's almost like this is a real blog.

This week I'm saying so what if....

- I had to google how to do a link up

- I've been reading Life After I Dew forever and every week think about linking up, but never took the time to figure out how in the heck to do that I know how easy it is I'm slightly embarrassed

- Zach had his first day ever at daycare today at 18 months old and only 1 of us cried and it was me

- I could eat peanut butter cheerios for every meal

- The more we talk about trying for baby #2 the more I drink....I know it will be a long, dry 9 months so I might as well live it up now

- I forgot Easter was next weekend since we're ridiculous and have had all the basket stuff for weeks

- I let my kid look at tractor pictures on my phone to calm him down

- I listen to Jimmy Buffett and pretend all the snow is white sand....I hate hate I mean not enough to ever move away, just enough to complain about it always

- This is a lame so what post, but I'm nervous to be doing a real blog activity

If this actually links up to Life After I Dew I may actually try to navigate the waters or real blog activities again next week.

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