Sunday, March 10, 2013

John Deere green

It is well known that Zach's soul mate is his stuffed bunny Ba, but I don't think I can put into words his love/weird obsession with tractors. He goes nuts for tractors, especially green & yellow John Deere tractors. If he is melting down in public, just google images of tractors and he is happy. He made it through his cousins school play by spending a solid 40 minutes looking at pictures of tractors I have on my phone. And yes I do take random pictures of tractors to have ready at a moments notice. He has tractor books & recently a new toy tractor he lost his mind over. One of his first longer words was tractor.

It is a little ironic Zach loves everything I was sure I hated growing in the small town I grew up in close to my parents and a bunch of family, tractors, living on the farm....I was getting out of here fast. I was sure you wouldn't be able to pay me to stay and it turns out we paid lots of money to build a house here in the country. It's funny how life changes & how much better this life is than any other I could have imagined. It wouldn't matter if I wanted to move away now, I'd be out voted by my city boy turned country husband & tractor obsessed kid.

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