Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Road Trip

Last weekend we took a mini family road trip to Cleveland.  We are season ticket holders for the Browns so we head to the factory of sadness quite a bit during the fall, but haven't done much besides sporting events there since we lived over there......I guess when we lived over there we really only did sporting events and getting drunk downtown like any good living in sin couple with 2 incomes and no kids would do.

Anyway...fast forward 5 years and we have a toddler so drinking our way around the city was out.  We ended up eating in little Italy, going to the Children's Museum, and the West Side Market.  It was not at all what we anticipated besides going to the market.  We got lost and Zach started to wake up and scream so little Italy it was.  I'm so glad we got lost there, it was fabulous.  It's a good thing I didn't know it existed prior to this trip or else I would have weighed 300 pounds.  I love me some carbs and good red sauce.  We googled what to do in Cleveland with kids while at the restaurant since the market was packed, like can't find parking anywhere, almost hit a pedestrian packed.  We figured we would kill time and try again later in the day, so we ended up at the Children's Museum.  I'm not sure what you have to do to classify yourself as a "museum" but the standards must be lax.  Don't get me wrong, it was awesome for Zach since it was basically a giant play zone, but I don't see much learning or science happening there.  It is a little run down, but for only $7 per person and the fact that Zach would have been happy playing there all day long it was a win.  They have a giant room filled with sand....yes an indoor sandbox complete with toys and a tent.  Kids were delighted, parents were like crap the mini van is going to be full of sand but it's worth it if it tires the kids out.  It had water tables and a bunch or fake cars and playhouses and what not.  If we lived closer we would buy a yearly pass.

When we couldn't handle the millions of families that had the same idea in a tiny "museum" we moved on to the market.  If you live in northern Ohio or are visiting make your way to the West Side Market.  They have everything.  I almost ran into a pig....not live and ready to be roasted I'm guessing....it was an unwelcome surprise.  Their food and space is amazing.  It was still jam packed, but we picked up a lot of produce and meat.  I'm glad Zach had his first visit, even though he was overwhelmed and refused to let me put him down....boy is getting heavy.

This kind of spontaneous trip is big for us.  We're more of 'this is going to be a pain with a toddler lets stay home' people....Matt more than me.  We found Zach's at a good age for this and it is good for us to do some of the things we did before having kids with our kids....it's still fun, just in a different way.

Like the awesome parents we are we did not take a single picture.  Instead, feel free to enjoy this tailgating picture from over a year ago....Go Browns and I miss my short hair and we have way too much Carhartt gear....hillbilly problems

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