Monday, March 11, 2013

Still got it

People who say once you have a baby you lose some of 'it' are crazy. On the other hand I'm not sure if 'it' is your sass, sex appeal, or abilities to hold your liquor. To prove I've still got it let me share the glowing praise my husband shed onto me & all mothers....

"I really like that commercial. You could tell she was a real mom because she had bags under her eyes and just looked at that kid like get out of the car, I want to go home & have coffee & nap".

Me trying on skinny jeans for Matt:"Does it look proportional? I feel like these make me look funny, like giant thighs & tiny calves."
Matt, poor sweet lovely Matt: No hun they look good (should have stopped talking here)....the only part that sticks out is here (my hips) but thats because they're made for making babies.

To be fair he always tells me how great I look even when I don't. These were just hilarious & brutally honest. I believe after telling me my hips stuck out he said out loud he wasn't doing himself any favors...I agree sir, I agree.

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