Friday, March 1, 2013

Hulk Smash

I'm a pretty mild mannered person.  It generally take a lot to get me riled up, but when I get mad I get super mad.  I'm pretty much the hulk, you wouldn't like me angry.  There are however a few things that immediately bring out the hulk;

1. Bad drivers....I have road rage and need a 12 step program.  This includes the people that circle for a close parking spot like vultures, which especially pisses me off at the gym.  Really, you need to get a close parking spot to go in and work out?!

2. Anyone who asks me (or any other stay at home mom), "What do you do all day?"  Please let it be known that if you ask me this I want to slap you.  I am not an idiot and can also tell when you're being passive aggressive about it and say things like, "oh you should have plenty of time to do that since you're home" or "it's so much easier since you're home, you wouldn't understand".  There are pros and cons to staying home just like there are to working, but each one is tough.  I'll do a post on a typical day here so you can glimpse at the madness.

3. Comparing having a puppy/any other pet to having a baby/child.  I reserved my right to judge until we actually got a puppy.  Now that we have a puppy this one makes it on the list.  I can promise you a kid is 1,000,000,000 times harder than a puppy or any other animal.  I also promise you that if you make this comment to anyone with children, especially newborns, they also want to slap you.  "Oh I totally understand what getting up every 2 hours and breastfeeding is like, my puppy got up once each night and I had to let him outside" see how ridiculous you sound?

4. Eating with your mouth open or loudly.  I think there is a technical name for this, but it drives me bonkers and I'm silently going insane if someone is doing this near me.  You want to torture me, put me at a table with loud eaters.  

Last, but certainly not least...

5. Being mean to my family.  Oh mama bear does not like anyone being mean to her little guy, husband, dogs (yes they are still family, just way easier and rated under human children), or extended family.  This is most likely to bring out the hulk in public.

There is no point to this list of pet peeves, but the public should be warned on what sets me off....that and in the last week I think I experienced all of these and was just really annoyed.  I feel better, and now you (all 3 of my readers, hi mom!) think I'm crazy.  

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